Total contrata Senior Buyer

Total contrata Senior Buyer


RIO DE JANEIRO- 14/04/2021

Job Description

The job holder participates liaises with Métier Partners and participates to processes and communication of the purchasing entity by performing the following activities:

– Participate to improving of purchasing practices, procedures & reference documentation
– Inform requesters during all the Purchasing Process on process and Progress of the activity (ref. E&P supply chain fundamentals)
– Work in Duet with the Métier Partner
– Participate to evaluating suppliers performance with Métier Partners
– Contribute to reporting Key Performance Indicators
– Use Market Intelligence information, Cost models, target prices, etc

The Job holder ensures the proper execution of purchasing operations by performing the following activities:

– Manage his/her purchase requisitions assigned portfolio
– Finalize the S.O.W. in duet with Métier Partners
– Choose the appropriate purchasing strategy in line with Category / Segment Strategy and as per Market Intelligence and SRM principles
– Optimize his portfolio in grouping requisitions to reduce process costs, compile tender packages and organize call for tender / request for quotation
– Propose the bidder lists according to the nature of the purchase and in line with TGP Category management strategy

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